Welcome to World Championship 2023

Dear friends and pipe smokers,

Pipe and Cigar Club Romania is delighted to invite you to the XV World Slow Smoke Championship, in Bucharest, ROMANIA, on the 8th of October 2023

With a history of more than 500 years, sometimes called " the little Paris" Bucharest is waiting for you, your friends and your families, to spend time together and to compete in a very beautiful city.

The World Championship is open for any individual or team and it's the most important event in his category, of the Pipe smokers community.

The event will gather in 3 days around 250-400 pipe smokers from all around the globe in 30 countries over 4 continents, being also an important event for all related producers of tobacco, alcohol, smoking accessories and luxury products. The tradition of every and each event is to have an exposition covering all the competition days.

After Koln, in 2014 and Tokyo, in 2018, Bucharest has now, the honor to host for two days, this prestigious Pipe Smokers gathering


Accommodation & Tourist information

In order to enjoy your stay in Romania, we have prepared with our partners an offer for accommodation in the city and a list of potential tours within and outside Bucharest.

You can contact our partners, BYE BYE TRAVEL TOURISM AGENCY, by phone or e-mail (TELEPHONE: +40723136452 ; +40374995005 E-MAIL: office@byebyetravel.ro SITE: www.byebyetravel.ro).

Bucharest has a significant number of accommodation offers, and using platforms such as Booking.com or AirBnb is also recommended.

Moving around the city is possible by public transport or by using taxis. We recommend, if you decide to use ridesharing platforms, Bolt or Uber. The prices are affordable.

The competition and Gala Dinner venue is reachable by public transport (subway, tram, bus) or by car.

We wish you a happy and wonderful time discovering Romania and Bucharest!

Pipe & Tobacco

The Championship Pipes will be made by Mr.Brog, in Poland.

Our friend, Zbigniew Bednarczyk has always been by our side, producing some of the best pipes our club has enjoyed over the years for the National and Balkan pipe smoking competitions.

This time he’s making some special models for this event and we hope that you will love them too.


Competition regulations


1.1      The purpose of the competition is to have participants or teams, to smoke a pipe for the longest possible period without relighting it and to determine who does this longest. Each participant or team will have to use the same amount of tobacco, a similar pipe and tamper.


2.1      Only persons over the age of 18 and members of pipe smoking clubs affiliated to the national pipe club (which must be a member of the CIPC), can take part in the competition.

2.2      The organizing association has the right to limit the number of participants. However, the limit must be stated when the association is appointed to organize the competition.

3       TOBACCO

3.1      Participants will only use the tobacco selected by the organizers of the competition.

3.2      The quantity of tobacco to be used will be three (3) grams (+\- 0.1 grams).

3.3      The organizers will make the name of the selected tobacco (which must be an easily obtainable tobacco internationally) known, together with the full programme of the event, latest two (2) months in advance ... continue reading